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Jiangsu Knock Medical Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Knock Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2020. The company integrates all aspects of chip epitaxy, chip packaging, ultraviolet light sensor, IC design, light source system integration, etc. It is a high-tech company focused on the development of UVC chip technology and deep ultraviolet LED sterilization developing and manufacturing anti-virus application products.

The company has an excellent scientific research team, and has obtained strong technical support from well-known medical experts, national "Thousand Talents Plan" experts, and the doctoral team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Based on the ultraviolet sterilization principle that destroys and changes the DNA or RNA structure of microorganisms through the irradiation of deep ultraviolet LEDs, so that virus bacteria immediately die or cannot reproduce offspring, and at the same time avoid the pollution and harm caused by mercury leakage in traditional ultraviolet lamps. KNOCK innovatively adopts LED deep ultraviolet lamp source, after continuous research and development, a series of equipment and modules for sterilization and anti-virus for various application environments come out. It can be used directly as a terminal product for customers, or can be integrated in other product with OEM/ODM service.

Because UVC LED sterilization and disinfection is a pure physical disinfection method, unlike chemicals, it is not affected by chemical balance conditions such as temperature, concentration, activity, and no secondary pollution; it has low power consumption, low heat, and long service life; broader spectrum for sterilization; flexible appearance, small volume and weight, easy to install and carry. The product has a wide range of application fields, suitable for public places, hospitals, schools, food processing industry, catering industry, institutions, enterprises, families and other places. The product series cover medical-grade sterilization and anti-virus equipment, testing equipment, water purification systems, air purification systems, air-conditioning systems, household appliances and other built-in sterilization, portable sterilizers, etc.

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