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Introduction of UVC LED light cleaning system in SIA

Oct. 12, 2020

Recently, under the background of the continuous spread of the global epidemic, Singapore Airlines (SIA) has recently conducted a comprehensive review of passengers' travel, actively launched a series of active health and safety promotion programs, and strengthened the existing epidemic prevention measures, so that passengers can travel safely and safely from the airport to their destination.

It is understood that SIA has gathered the suggestions of medical experts, competent authorities and partners, and integrated the feedback of passengers' opinions to improve and optimize the travel experience of passengers. These measures will ensure a safe and healthy environment for passengers and increase their confidence in air travel.

SIA also provides a downloadable "e-guide for enhanced passenger health and safety measures" on its official website, which describes in detail the health and safety measures taken by passengers at different stages before boarding, arriving at the airport, taking flight and arriving at the destination. Passengers will receive this instruction by email before boarding. These measures are the latest "SIA cares" scheme promoted by SIA, which also includes the corporate social responsibility (CSR) plan launched in succession in the near future.


In novel coronavirus pneumonia, Wu Junpeng, President of new air, said that these measures will help new airlines continue to implement and maintain commitments during the new crown pneumonia epidemic situation, and ensure that we can provide world-class services in the leading industry's health and safety standards.

'we do our best to take all necessary measures to ensure the health of passengers on the journey so as to make them feel at ease and build confidence in taking SIA,' he said. We are also continuing to develop innovative passenger experience digital solutions to support these health and safety measures, which will enable SIA to better meet the different expectations of passengers during the flight.

It is pointed out that air in the cabin of each SIA group aircraft is blown from the ceiling to the floor, which helps to reduce the spread of diseases and bacteria. The air is replaced every two to three minutes. Each aircraft in SIA fleet is equipped with HEPA HEPA high efficiency particulate air filter, which can remove 99.9% of suspended particulates in the air, including diseases and bacteria in the air.

Almost all toilets on SIA aircraft are equipped with inductive faucets and antibacterial hand sanitizer. SIA is also evaluating the use of UVC LED light cleaning in the toilets during the servicing of each flight.

Moreover, since June 8, airlines within the SIA group have provided each passenger with an epidemic prevention kit containing medical masks, antibacterial paper towels and dry cleaning hand lotion to provide passengers with an additional protection during the outbreak.

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