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Is the Household Disinfection Cabinet Useful?

Nov. 19, 2020

When many families buy home appliances, they will encounter such a problem, whether to buy or not to buy the disinfection cabinet. For many ordinary families now, the disinfection cabinet is indeed a seemingly dispensable household appliance. But in fact, the disinfection cabinet is still very useful. The disinfection cabinet can protect the health of the family.

Although the disinfection cabinet has been around for a long time, in fact it is still not a common household appliance. At least 50% of households do not use disinfection cabinets. Some people think it is unnecessary, so use disinfection in the home Is the cabinet necessary? Is the disinfection cabinet useful? Let's take a look~

The characteristics of different household disinfection cabinets

Household disinfection cabinets often show different characteristics according to different disinfection methods. General household disinfection cabinets are mainly divided into ultraviolet ozone, ozone, infrared high temperature, ultra high temperature steam, ultraviolet ozone and high temperature. Ozone and ultraviolet ozone belong to ultra-low temperature disinfection. The disinfection temperature is generally below 60°C. It is suitable for all kinds of tableware, especially for plastic and glass products that are not resistant to high temperatures. Infrared high temperature, super temperature steam, ultraviolet ozone and high temperature are heat disinfection or multiple disinfection methods. The disinfection temperature is generally above 100 ℃, and the disinfection effect is good. It is suitable for the disinfection of high temperature resistant products such as ceramics and stainless steel.

UVC Water Purification and Disinfection Machine

Pay attention to the size

At present, the volume of disinfection cabinets on the market are mainly 30 liters, 50 liters, 80 liters, 150 liters and other specifications. As a daily household disinfection cupboard, the power should not be too large, 600W is a more appropriate value. In terms of volume, for a family of three, a 50L-60L sterilizer is generally sufficient; a family with more than 4 people can choose a 60L-80L sterilizer.

The use of household disinfection cabinets

1. Nowadays, people's life pressure is getting greater and greater, and their bodies are becoming more and more fragile. After purchasing a disinfection cabinet, it will protect the health of the family;

2. The disinfection cabinet disinfects and sterilizes the tableware and plays a role in preventing diseases;

3. We put the fruit in the disinfection cabinet for a long time without changing color, and it can keep fresh and clean. Remove pesticides from fruits;

4. If you put a glass of water in the disinfection cabinet. After disinfection, you can drink it. If it is used to wash the face, it can disinfect the skin, and it can not only kill the germs on the feet but also prevent athlete's foot;

5. In winter, put the food in the disinfection cabinet to keep warm. Put the frozen meat in the refrigerator in the sterilizer to defrost. The noodles will not destroy the nutrients in the meat.

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