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Knock UVC-LED New Crown Virus Barrier Series Equipment

Mar. 19, 2021

Knock Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development of UVC chip technology and the production and sales of deep ultraviolet LED sterilization and poisoning application products. Based on the core optical semiconductor technology, Knock has cooperated with Zhong Nanshan's team to conduct in-depth research on deep UV sterilization and antivirus technology, and the products have passed the authoritative test of the Virus Research Institute where Zhong Nanshan is an academician, and the test results show that Knorr-Bremse New Coronavirus Barrier Series devices can kill 100% of New Coronavirus and various germs and bacteria. This series of equipment brings a new solution to the prevention of epidemics in various fields under the environment of the New Coronavirus backlash.


In general, viruses can survive for months at -20°C. Even with normal cold-chain transport, the virus can survive for several weeks. In the case of contaminated items (including food or outer packaging) in areas with a high incidence of new crown outbreaks, transportation through the cold chain can bring the virus to non-infected areas, thus causing contact transmission and triggering a new outbreak of new crown. Effective disinfection of cold chain food and packaging is an urgent issue for cold chain food safety.


Traditional methods of disinfection, such as heat, chemicals, ozone and radiation, are not suitable for cold chain systems.


Knock's UVC-LED virus barrier series of equipment, from the UVC-LED chip to the series of products, from the appearance to the components, the core technology is all developed and designed by Knorr-Bremse's own team, compared with the ordinary UVC disinfection products on the market, with super power, accurate wavelength, super strong second 100% sterilization and killing characteristics.


The cold chain involves many links and a wide path of virus transmission, from the origin, to production and processing, then transported to cold storage, until the final transport to the point of sale, the process of many links, and all involved in the cold chain practitioners, the risk of virus transmission greatly increased. Food production equipment, utensils, processing surfaces, gloves and processing areas associated with food and packaging are all at risk of virus transmission. Knock has developed the New Crown Virus Barrier series of equipment to provide a complete solution for cold chain viruses.


UV light with a wavelength of 240-280nm destroys the DNA/RNA molecular structure of bacteria and viruses, causing them to die.


The Knock New Crown Virus Barrier range of equipment includes: portable antivirus device, handheld sterilizer, wall mounted antivirus device, disinfection globe, air purification disinfector,UVC water purification and disinfection machine, and UVC LED disinfection module, which can be used in all aspects of the cold chain food presence.

1. Portable antivirus device

Used by cold chain practitioners to disinfect products and worktop lights and tools during food processing or sales.

2. Handheld Sterilizer

For use by cold chain inspectors or customs to carry out a complete scanning decontamination of cold chain food packaging.

Handheld Sterilizer

3. Wall mounted antivirus device

Can be installed in cold chain warehouses, food processing plants, cold chain transport trucks etc. to ensure that the entire cold chain space and stored items are left unattended or in regular disinfection mode.

4. Disinfection Globe

Can be installed in cold chain lifts or cold chain warehouses to ensure that no one is present or to activate the disinfection mode at regular intervals, using multiple bio-sensors to stop disinfection immediately when someone is present within a 20m diameter.

Disinfection Globe

5. Air purification disinfector

Can be placed in all scenarios where cold chain food is present, purifying the air and disinfecting viruses in aerosols.

6. UVC Water Purification and Disinfection Machine

This machine can be placed in cold chain food processing lines to filter the water used for processing and cleaning and to kill bacteria and viruses that cannot be removed by the cartridge.

7. UVC LED Disinfection Module

Built into the cold chain conveyor belt, it disinfects the foodstuffs in transit.


Knock is committed to protecting the well-being of the people with its "New Crown Virus Barrier Series" equipment, which is a national mission for high-tech enterprises. With a full range of LED UV sterilization products, we are committed to providing solutions for the elimination of NIV and other viruses and bacteria that may exist in all aspects of the cold chain, ensuring the safety and non-toxicity of imported cold chain foods and injecting the light of technology into the sanitation and epidemic prevention of the whole cold chain industry.

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