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Why Choose UVC Water Purification and Disinfection Machine?

Feb. 04, 2021

The occurrence of the global new crown epidemic has made more people concerned about personal hygiene safety. The demand for water purification and surface sterilization is increasing day by day, and domestic and foreign companies are actively laying out related products.


Safety & health, is an increasingly inseparable topic in life. Water is especially important as a necessity for life. In RVs, water is usually stored in a tank, but in fact, "storing" water in a tank promotes the growth and multiplication of bacteria and germs. The increase in "invisible" impurities such as bacteria or germs can cause many allergies and illnesses. 

UVC water purification and disinfection machine can achieve the effect of filtering drinking water to eliminate bacteria and viruses.The medical community, food industry and public water systems have long recognized that UV and carbon filters are highly effective in destroying bacteria in drinking water, and are actively and widely using these technologies.

 UVC Water Purification and Disinfection Machine

The European Lighting Association (Lighting Europe) has issued a message calling for UVC products to be allowed on the European market. The specific message is as follows.

Lighting Europe fully endorses the latest UVC safety guidelines issued by the Global Lighting Association (GLA) in May and calls on all EU member states to ensure that UVC products can continue to be placed on the EU market.


Germicidal UVC is an effective method for inactivating viruses on solid surfaces, in water and in the air, and UVC technology already has many applications, such as disinfecting hospital wards, aircraft and even drinking water. UVC is a class of ultraviolet light with wavelengths between 100-280 nanometers and is the most effective germicidal UVC.


The European Lighting Association shares the concern of the Global Lighting Association that with the increase in related products (especially networked online products), many do not have reliable safety features and complete safety instructions. While UVC can help contain viruses, it can cause harm to human health if used improperly.


The statement issued by the Global Lighting Association provides effective guidelines for manufacturers and potential users on the safe use of UVC products. The safe use of UVC technology against viruses must be in a manner that is continuously expanded.

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