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Why Use Ultraviolet Sterilizer to Treat Drinking Water?

Dec. 23, 2020

People drink water by boiling and then waiting until it is cooled down. This is because when we heat up, every time we reach a stage of temperature, we will kill some microorganisms that have reached the temperature limit, because each microorganism is resistant The temperature is different. Since the boiling disinfection effect is so good, why should a commercial kitchen use an ultraviolet disinfector?

You should know that microorganisms include bacteria, viruses, spores, etc., all kinds of tiny life that we can’t see with the naked eye. Among them, many bacteria have been killed before the water temperature rises below 40℃, but for some For heat-resistant bacillus, at least 121℃ high-temperature steam can reach the temperature enough to kill the spores, and the boiling point of water is 100℃, no matter how you cook it, it is also 100℃, and if it is lower than 121℃, The spores in the water will not be inactivated.

The sterilization effect of boiling tap water is indeed beyond doubt, but it is impossible to say that boiling disinfection is absolutely safe and clean.

Because the tap water is disinfected by the water plant and sent to every household through the municipal pipeline, the water after purification and disinfection by the water plant is already relatively clean. But what is the purpose of boiling it?

Nowadays, most tap water uses chlorine disinfection process. Such disinfection process will make tap water contain volatile substances such as chloroform, haloacetic acid, haloacetonitrile, haloketone, halophenol, haloaldehyde, etc. So when we boil water, we lift the lid after the water boils and let it boil for a while. This is the reason.

But this can only be avoided partially, not completely, so this is one of the reasons why we use UV sterilizers.

Ultraviolet Sterilizer

What kind of UV sterilizer is more suitable?

Mainly based on the following four elements as reference factors.

1. Treated water volume

Including the design water volume, the average flow rate and the flow rate change coefficient all have an important impact on the treatment effect.

2. Lamp type of ultraviolet sterilizer

 Even if the total effective output power is the same, the difference in lamp type and quantity will have an important influence on the sterilization effect.

3. Water Quality Index

The main indicators include the concentration of suspended solids in raw water, particle size of suspended solids, turbidity, UVC transmittance, bacterial content, etc.

4. Other factors

Including environmental factors such as temperature and humidity used by the equipment; other special requirements of users such as system installation methods. Before ordering, we need to know the key indicators such as treated water volume, interface caliber, system pressure, etc. In addition, we should communicate with the manufacturer in detail about the treatment medium, raw water quality, number of lamps, application sites, environmental conditions, and special requirements, etc. It can be configured more accurately by the manufacturer.

The above information is provided by ultraviolet sterilizer supplier.

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