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  • UVC LED Disinfection Module OEM/ODM

  • UVC LED Disinfection Module OEM/ODM

  • UVC LED Disinfection Module OEM/ODM

UVC LED Disinfection Module OEM/ODM

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The UVC LED module provides professional users with an efficient disinfection and decontamination solution. The 12 UV-C LEDs used emit a wavelength of 275 nm to immediately disinfect and clean air, liquids and surfaces, ensuring reliable removal of germs, bacteria and viruses.

UVC LED module

UVC LED Module Application

Widely used in optical communication, biochemical testing, sensing technology, packaging containers, bottles, caps sterilization, food surface sterilization, food production line, cosmetics production line air sterilization, sewage, drinking water disinfection. Oral treatment inspection, dermatology treatment, environmental surface anti-virus, air disinfection. Sterilization effect up to 99.9% in a short period of time.

UVC LED Module ApplicationUVC LED Module ApplicationUVC LED Module ApplicationaaaaUVC LED Module Application

UVC LED Module Features

The product adopts aluminum heat sink with good thermal conductivity, plus air cooling system. Ensure long-term continuous work.

High efficiency: sterilization effect can reach 99.9% in a short period of time

Energy saving: 80% energy saving compared to traditional cold cathode lamps

Environmental protection: no harmful substances commonly found in metal gas lighting technology

Service life up to 6000 hours

Size: 78 x 68 x 68 mm (L x W x H)

Instant start, high frequency switching

Flexible installation space: e.g. cabinets and drawers

Easy installation with tape

Simple connection of multiple modules (up to 5 when supplied via USB-C connection)

Safety through status LEDs

UVC LED Module Features


Product LevelMilitary use      Medical useProfessional use
Product No.MIL-D100       MED-D100        Pro-D100
optical DesignExclusive patented optical design
chip Optical Power450mw/cm2     378mw/cm2      258mwlcm'
Effective Range
of Sterilizing
<8000mm        <6000mm         <3000mm
Sterilization RangeCoronavirus, influenza,Ebola virus,SARS,
MERS and other viruses;
Escherichia col, Staphylococcus aureus,
Helicobacter pylori and other bacteria;
Aspergillus flavus, green spores and other molds,
and other microorganisms like mites.
Product Power100w 80w 60w
VoltageDC 36v
Sterilization EfficiencySterilization time Sterilization time Sterilization time
within 0.005~1s,within 0.007~1s,within 0.01~25,
100% efficiency100% efficiency100% efficiency
Dimension62*40*275mm (w*H*L)
Bsae size128*119*107mm
Applying Space20m²


This item is a UVC LED Module that can be used for surface disinfection. It emits at a wavelength of 280 nm that is invisible to the human eye.

It must be ensured that users wear suitable protective clothing at all times to protect against UV radiation. All skin and eye contact must be avoided.

We recommend the following protective agents:



Face mask

Protective clothing that protects the skin from ultraviolet rays

Always wear protective clothing during use and ensure that no one else can come into contact with the radiation source without proper safety precautions.

Light can be reflected, so special precautions need to be taken for reflective surfaces (such as mirrors).

Exposure of skin tissue to a light source can cause skin irritation similar to sunburn. If necessary, treat the affected area with a suitable cream or consult a doctor.

In severe cases, low-wave UV can cause permanent damage to the retina. Always make sure to wear goggles at all times during use.

UVC LED Module

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