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  • UVC LED Disinfection Module OEM/ODM

  • UVC LED Disinfection Module OEM/ODM

  • UVC LED Disinfection Module OEM/ODM

UVC LED Disinfection Module OEM/ODM

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Product No.:SKD-100/200/300
Effective range of anti-virus:within 2000mm diameter
Effective range of instant anti-virus:within 500mm diameter
UVC wavelength range:<278nm
Classification:M, MS, H, HS
Efficiency of sterilization:
M type: working time between 0.075~60s, sterilization rate of 99.9%
MS type: working time between 0.01~30s, sterilization rate of 99.9%
H type: working time between 0.007~12s, sterilization rate of 99.99%
HS type: working time between 0.005~3s, sterilization rate of 100%

How to customize UV Light and inline uv sterilizer (OEM / ODM)

You need to tell us your use and inline uv sterilizer model size, or you contact us, we will customize a reasonable plan for you.

What is a UV Light Air Purifier?

A UV light purifier is basically a light bulb that is designed to emit a specific frequency that research has found to stop microbial growth. It has been known for decades that specific frequencies of light can harm microorganisms.

Most research has been done in medical settings to help prevent contagious diseases. The most commonly used UV light frequency is 253.70nm which is the frequency when light passes through mercury vapor.

Ultraviolet light at this frequency has been clearly shown to destroy viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

UV light is typically shining light 24 hours a day inside of your air conditioning ductwork. Most units will have a sight glass that allows you to see if the light bulb is on and still working. You never want to get UV light on your skin or eyes.

The ultraviolet bulb will need to be replaced in a year or two depending on the system. UV air sanitizers can have anywhere from one to four UV bulbs --- the most common is one to two bulbs. The lengths of the UV bulbs can also vary.

How Does An Ultraviolet Light Kill Mold?

UV light bulbs stops mold growth by damaging their DNA. UV light has been in use for decades to sterilize air, water, and food.

A recent study concluded that UV light sanitized about 98% of microbes in hospital rooms, encouraging further use of UV light in intensive care.

When an organism’s DNA is damaged by UV light, the genetic instructions for the cell to build proteins and other necessary parts is damaged. The organism will die, and it won’t reproduce.

The environment of the indoor air handler is a perfect place for microorganisms to grow because it is dark, contains moisture, and has a food source in the form of dust.

 The furnace air filter is great for filtering indoor air, but it will not stop mold growth on the A/C coil, the surface of the ductwork, and other surfaces. The UV light shines on the ductwork and the coil, and it will stop and prevent microbial growth.

A published scientific study has proven that UV light can greatly reduce germ contamination in air handing units in buildings. Contaminated air ducts with bacteria is known to be related to serious health problems such as…

Allergic rhinitis


Hypersensitivity pneumonitis

Acute toxicosis

Cancer from exposure to mycotoxins

What Does Mold in The HVAC Look Like?

Here are some pictures from an inspection that I did in Alexandria, Virginia this year. As you can see, it is pretty obvious when there is mold growing in your air handler. 

If you are suspicious about your indoor air quality, just taking off the cover to your furnace can be “enlightening”.

How To Install a UV Lamp On Your Duct?

Most UV light sanitizers will come with a paper template for the mounting procedure. It will be installed on your duct where your furnace or air handler is located (here is my detailed guide on installing HVAC UV lights).

I recommend following the size and placement of the holes on the mounting template for your UV light system.

You will first need to drill a pilot hole at the install spot, and then you will need to use a saw bit and drill in the hole.

The light bulb(s) will go through the hole in the sheet metal duct, and the UV light unit is secured to the ductwork with screws and possibly metal foil tape. Usually, the unit will just be plugged into a regular outlet in your utility room or closet but you also have the option of wiring the unit with your furnace (an electrician may be required for that).

How To Pick The Best UV Light For Your HVAC?

There are a few considerations to take into account when buying an ultraviolet air sanitizer. There are generally two types of UV light bulbs, the long and short bulb.

If the unit you are buying has a longer bulb, it may be more difficult to install if your furnace is in a very small utility closet. However, with a longer bulb, there is more “surface area” so the light may shine along more areas increasing it’s effectiveness.

Another factor to consider is the equipment that comes with the purchase. Some UV light systems come with everything you need for the installation including the sheet metal drill bit that you will need to make holes in the ductwork. Almost all UV air sanitizers will come with a few screws to mount the system onto the duct.

Another thing to consider is the cord length. Most UV light systems come with a power cord that is 6′ to 8′ in length. If your utility closet doesn’t have a regular 3-pronged outlet, you may need to buy an extension cord that will go to the closest outlet.

And again, you can also wire the ultraviolet purifier into the air handler electrical system, and even wire it so it turns on only when the system is on. An electrician or contractor may be required for custom wiring.

How Are UV Light Sanitizers Different From Other Air Purifiers?

UV lights are different than furnace filters because they kill microbes while they are growing on the surfaces of the ductwork, the A/C coil, the drip pan, and other surfaces.

Furnace filters are a very important part of indoor air quality, and I recommend changing them monthly. However, I have seen many air handlers that had very good paper 3M filters, but on the inside there was extensive mold growth.

Indoor furnaces and air handling units are perfect breeding grounds for microorganisms like mold and viruses because they are dark, there is moisture, and a prevalent food source in the form of dust.

There are “point of use” indoor air purifiers, like the stand alone units you can place in your living room or bedroom. But these units will not affect the air quality of the whole home like how a UV light inside your HVAC can do.

Where To Buy The Best UV Light For Your Air Conditioner?

The best place to buy a UV light for your air conditioner is in my opinion Amazon. With our web, we have scoured for the best products, and have read the customer reviews. On page, you can be alerted to problems that you may not of even thought of. In addition, the shipping on our page is frequently free and fast.

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