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  • Wall-Mounted UVC sterilizer SKW-200

  • Wall-Mounted UVC sterilizer SKW-200

  • Wall-Mounted UVC sterilizer SKW-200

  • Wall-Mounted UVC sterilizer SKW-200

  • Wall-Mounted UVC sterilizer SKW-200

  • Wall-Mounted UVC sterilizer SKW-200

Wall-Mounted UVC sterilizer SKW-200

  • Product Description

Wall Mounted UV Sterilizer Description

The wall mounted UV sterilizer is wall-mounted at a height of 7 or 8 feet. The louvers on the unit direct the UV rays upward. This creates an area of UV light at the top of the room, above the occupants. Natural convection, air from HVAC vents and human movement cause the air in the room to circulate. As the air enters the disinfection zone, it is exposed to UV light. This inactivates airborne microorganisms.

Wall Mounted UV Sterilizer

Wall Mounted UV Sterilizer Features

Effectively fights germs and bacteria in the air of the room and on the surfaces of objects.

UV rays reach every corner of the room and disinfect all objects and surfaces.

Double disinfection UV light + ozone.

Destroys all kinds of bacteria, germs and viruses

To ensure maximum disinfection, the lamp disinfector must be kept clean.

It is strictly forbidden to cover the lamp with anything during operation.

No people or animals are allowed to stay in the room where the sterilizer is working.

Before turning on the lamp sterilizer, make sure that there are no people or animals in the room where the sterilization is to take place.

The wall mounted UV sterilizerr is for indoor use only.

Avoid exposing the wall mounted UV sterilizerr to moisture and vibration.

Avoid direct exposure of exposed skin and eyes to UV light.

Do not touch the surgical lamp sterilizer Wait for it to cool completely.

Turn off the wall mounted UV sterilizer for at least 2 minutes.

Do not look directly at the lamp sterilizer and stay outside while working.

Keep doors and windows closed inside the sterilizer.

Ventilate the room after disinfecting with the wall mounted UV sterilizer.

Mounted UV Sterilizer FeaturesWall Mounted UV Sterilizer Features

Wall Mounted UV Sterilizer  Wall Mounted UV Sterilizer 

Wall Mounted UV Sterilizer Applications







Shopping center


Subway Bus

School Bus


Pharmaceutical plant


Wall Mounted UV Sterilizer Applications 

Wall Mounted UV Sterilizer Specification

Product Level

Military use      Medical useProfessional use

Product No.MIL-D100       MED-D100        Pro-D100
optical DesignExclusive patented optical design
chip Optical Power450mw/cm2     378mw/cm2      258mwlcm'
Effective Range
of Sterilizing
<8000mm        <6000mm         <3000mm
Sterilization RangeCoronavirus, influenza,Ebola virus,SARS,
MERS and other viruses;
Escherichia col, Staphylococcus aureus,
Helicobacter pylori and other bacteria;
Aspergillus flavus, green spores and other molds,
and other microorganisms like mites.
Product Power100w 80w 60w
VoltageDC 36v
Sterilization EfficiencySterilization time Sterilization time Sterilization time
within 0.005~1s,within 0.007~1s,within 0.01~25,
100% efficiency100% efficiency100% efficiency
Dimension62*40*275mm (w*H*L)
Bsae size128*119*107mm
Applying Space20m²

Wall Mounted UV Sterilizer

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