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  • Wall-Mounted UVC sterilizer SKW-200

  • Wall-Mounted UVC sterilizer SKW-200

  • Wall-Mounted UVC sterilizer SKW-200

  • Wall-Mounted UVC sterilizer SKW-200

  • Wall-Mounted UVC sterilizer SKW-200

  • Wall-Mounted UVC sterilizer SKW-200

  • Wall-Mounted UVC sterilizer SKW-200

Wall-Mounted UVC sterilizer SKW-200

  • Product Description


Product No.:SKW-200
Effective range of anti-virus:within 2000mm diameter
Effective range of instant anti-virus:within 500mm diameter
UVC wavelength range:<278nm
Optical power:200~450mW/cm2
Optical design:High-tech unique optical design adopted
Product power:32W / 64W / 89.6W/179.2W
Operation mode:visual operation, mode selection, child protection lock
Battery type:36V power selectable (external power adapter)
Appearance dimensions:94*75*267mm(W*H*L)
Classification:M, MS, H, HS
Efficiency of sterilization:
M type: working time between 0.075~60s, sterilization rate of 99.9%
MS type: working time between 0.01~30s, sterilization rate of 99.9%
H type: working time between 0.007~12s, sterilization rate of 99.99%
HS type: working time between 0.005~3s, sterilization rate of 100%

How does the SKW-200 Ultraviolet Sanitizer work?

Working principle of UV-sterilizer (using UV-sterilizer): turn on the power switch and the UV-lamp runs. Has highest UV disinfector using ultraviolet sterilization rate of wavelength UV - C band in the water of bacteria, viruses and other radiation, ultraviolet lamp emit electromagnetic energy destroyed the microbial genetic material, that is, DNA and RNA make cells lose the ability to reproduce, cause of death, to make it again without the possibility of disease, so as to achieve water disinfection and purification effect.

How Can UV be Utilized?

Beyond water and surface sterilization, UV can be used as a sterilization technique for other types of disinfection. UV can disinfect the air in isolated spaces, which is particularly beneficial in a hospital setting. Installing UV devices like lamps and lights at the top of rooms and other areas of circulation can disinfect the air as it moves, improving both the air quality and the effectiveness of the UV sterilization.

UV can also sterilize equipment in work spaces. Because UV sterilization isn’t a wet solution like other disinfectants that can leave behind residue, it can be used as a more efficient solution for ensuring that equipment and instruments are effectively cleaned. And, as mentioned before, it can help improve the consistency of cleaning and disinfecting by removing elements of human error that arise with manual cleaning solutions.

Because of the wide range of uses for UV sterilization, determining which device can provide the best solution depends on what type of project you are working on. Keeping in mind that you may want to use your UV sterilization device for multiple disinfection situations, narrowing down what type of utility you need from your device can help you determine the best pick.

What Type of UV Light is Best?

Most UV sterilization devices use UV-C light as the source of their disinfecting power. UV-C light is an effective solution for sterilization, which is why it is the most widely used light type. However, it can cause some serious damage as well. UV-C light can penetrate human skin and cause damage or injury to the person using it, if not careful. UV-C light can also cause damage to certain plastics and rubber materials over time.

A better light solution is the K-NOCK SKW-200 . Far-UV uses a different wavelength of the UV spectrum to provide the same disinfecting strength as UV-C without the dangerous side effects. Far-UV can also work faster and disinfect more quickly than UV-C lamps, creating greater efficiency. A recent study confirms what Far-UV promises in terms of safety to people in the workspace, affirming that Far-UV cannot penetrate the skin and cause harm to humans.

Far-UV is safer for workplace cleanup as well as for human safety. Many regular UV-C lamps and lights contain mercury in the bulbs, which make disposal hazardous and much more complicated. Far-UV doesn’t use mercury, and therefore is safer to use and to dispose of.

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