Jiangsu Knock Medical Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2020. The company integrates all aspects of chip epitaxy, chip packaging, ultraviolet light sensor, IC design, light source system integration, etc. It is a high-tech company focused on the development of UVC chip technology and deep ultraviolet LED sterilization developing and manufacturing anti-virus application products.


We have an excellent scientific research team, and have obtained strong technical support and cooperation from well-known medical experts, national "Thousand Talents Plan" experts, and the doctoral team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Our first self-developed UVC LED chip came out in 2017. It uses a silicon substrate, a total of gold, and a vertical all-inorganic packaging structure. Its light conversion efficiency, performance and life are much higher than similar products on the market.

In addition to chip technology, the company has accumulated abundant technology in the field of UV chip driving, and has obtained more than 60 domestic and international patents.


We started with the design and development of semiconductor chips, core R & D and production equipment covering UVC semiconductor epitaxy, etching, testing, classification, packaging, module packaging, etc.

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